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Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro Opera Essay - 1100 Words

Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro Opera (Essay Sample) Content: Name:Course:College:Tutor:Date:Mozarts The Marriage of Figaro OperaIntroductionThe Marriage of Figaro is considered one of Mozarts finest and revolutionary works of all time. This work is a comical opera composed by the prolific Austrian composer and childprodigy, as the 18th century neared its end. This unique form of opera inaugurated ensemble singing in operas. It also brought about the use of recitatives, to act as a connection between constituent opera arias (songs) (Timson n.pg). This popular comic opera highlights the barriers and impediments that people often undergo to achieve what they really desire in life. In The Marriage of Figaro, the comic scenes and arias show how the characters overcome social class differences, betrayal and even heartbreak, to forgive and love again. DiscussionSynopsis The Marriage of Figaro has its setting in a castle owned by count Almaviva, near Seville in Spain, during the later years of the 18th century. In the first act, Figaro and Susanna, the male and female protagonists of the comic opera are in a room in the castle, making preparations for their wedding. Susanna laments that their room is close to that of the count, predisposing them to being constantly at his service and increasing his chances of pursuing her. On hearing this, Figaro vows to counter the counts intentions (Timson n.pg). On the other hand, Dr. Bartolo; an ex-guardian to the countess together with Marcellina, the counts current maid hope to prevent Figaro from marrying Susanna and instead marry Marcellina for failing to repay a debt. The counts page, Cherubino, enters the room and starts telling Susanna of his love for Rosina, the countess. The page stops and Susanna hides him under her garment, when the count comes in and starts flirting with Susanna. When Don Basilio, a music teacher enters, the count also hides, only to emerge when he hears the former gossiping about Cherubinos fondness for Rosina. The scene is hilarious because as t he count emerges, he uncovers Cherubino and on realizing that he heard his dalliance with Susanna, he drafts the page into the army (Stewart 11). The second act is in the countess room, where she complains to Figaro about being neglected by her husband. Figaro tells her and Susanna about his plan to trap the count, where Susanna would agree to secretly meet him, only to be replaced by a disguised Cherubino. However, as the page dresses up to go meet the count, the latter knocks on the door prompting Cherubino to hide in the closet. As doubt and tension rise, the count resolves to force his way into the room. When he goes for tools, the page jumps out of the window and is replaced by Susanna, which is rather comical. However, a sensation of tension combined with humor prevails, when Antonio, the gardener comes in complaining about the jumper who just destroyed his flowers; a notion that elevates the counts doubts (Stewart 11-12). In the third act, which takes place in a palace hall, the countess presents Susanna with a letter that she must give the count. Meanwhile, the latter is still plotting how to ensure that Figaro marries the old maid, Marcellina (Timson n.pg). However, there is a realization that Marcellina and Bartolo are Figaros biological parents, prompting a double wedding between Figaro and Susanna, as well as, Bartolo and Marcellina. In the fourth and final act, the count falls for the plan formulated by Figaro, Susanna, the countess and Cherubino. He realizes that he has been duped into telling the truth about his intended indiscretion with Susanna, and asks for forgiveness from the countess, which she readily accords him (Stewart 12-13). Thematic and Character AnalysisCharacters in Mozarts The Marriage of Figaro continually reveal a complex pattern of feelings including love, apathy, anger and confusion, as the state of their association with their loved ones changes from one moment to the other. Mozart highlights both the highs and lows of love through varying music intonation and different actions of the characters. It is clear that all the characters are equally susceptible to emotions brought about by love. For example, Figaro gets angry Susanna informs him about the counts interest in her, and he makes a vow to seek revenge on the master, despite being a mere servant. On the other hand, Susanna is afraid that she is bound to live a life of chaos and misery, since the men always bring you to heel in the end. Cherubino, the young page, imagines the countess and other women falling in love with him. Further, the countess expresses her sadness with a sorrowful aria, following the betrayal by her unfaithful husband even though they initially loved each other. Bartolo and Marcellina are initially shocked and later overjoyed, when they learn that Figaro is their son, while the count yearns for love from Susanna. Overall characters in this comical opera seem to acknowledge the fact that once you experience love; you are desti ned to yearn for love...

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Descriptive Essay About Seafood - 966 Words

It was seven in the morning and my parents woke me up to head into seattle. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and then we headed straight to the ferry. Once we got to the ferry, it was about 20 minutes till they let us on. Once we got on, I went and got a banana and some apple juice. The water was so smooth that I forgot that we were even on a boat. I saw how close we were and kept asking my parents how much longer. Once we got there, my sister and I were basically tugging on them. They told us we need to wait for a taxi. I am pretty sure the first thing we did was go to a aquarium. It was my sister s choice. Once we were done with that we headed to these markets that had lots of seafood and random stuff. When we were there, we found a†¦show more content†¦After all of this, it was about seven in the afternoon. I said that we should ate then my parents told me that we are going to eat in the space needle. I remember that I didn t even know that it was a restaurant. I said,â⠂¬  That s a restaurant!† We went up to the top of it and saw if we could get a table. They said that there would be a table ready in about forty-five minutes. Then we headed up to the very top and we looked through a looking glass things that we used to see the whole city. After about ten minutes of looking around I got bored and asked if we could do something else. We headed back to the bottom and there was a gift shop with a whole bunch of seattle things. I got a miniature space needle. I think that my sister got something boring like a shirt. My parents then said we should all wait outside so we headed to a bench outside. We were talking about how everyone in seattle backed into parking instead of having the back of your vehicle on the outside. After a few more random conversations we saw that it was time to head back to the space needle. Once we got up there, our waiter took us to a seat by the window. I got mac and cheese and a root beer. My sister got chicken tenders a nd a coke. Once we got our food, my sister curled up into a ball and it looked like she started crying, I tried getting her to tell me but she didn t want to talk. Then she said that she thinks that it is a migraine. I didn t know what that was so I asked my mom and she toldShow MoreRelatedMy Favorite Food848 Words   |  4 Pages-Here are some guidelines for writing a descriptive essay: Take time to brainstorm If your instructor asks you to describe your favorite food, make sure that you jot down some ideas before you begin describing it. For instance, if you choose pizza, you might start by writing down a few words: sauce, cheese, crust, pepperoni, sausage, spices, hot, melted, etc. Once you have written down some words, you can begin by compiling descriptive lists for each one. Use clear and concise language. Read More65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays 2nd Edition 147256 Words   |  190 PagesGRIFFIN NEW YORK 65 SUCCESSFUL HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL APPLICATION ESSAYS, SECOND EDITION. Copyright  © 2009 byThe Harbus News Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. For-information, address St. Martins Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010. www.stmartins.com Library of Congress Cataloging...in..Publication Data 65 successful Harvard Business -School application essays : with analysis by the staff of The Harbus, the Harvard Business School newspaperRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 PagesUniversity of Colorado at Denver; Dean J. Nelson, Dutchess Community College; James E. Parejko, Chicago State University; Robert Sessions, Kirkwood Community College; and Stephanie Tucker, California State University Sacramento. Thinking and writing about logical reasoning has been enjoyable for me, but special thanks go to my children, Joshua, 8, and Justine, 3, for comic relief during the months of writing. This book is dedicated to them. For the 2012 edition: This book is dedicated to my wife

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Building A Project Management Process - 1948 Words

There are many different aspect that will have key roles in the project management process. The presence of triple constraint will impact the project process. The relationship between the project scope, cost, and time will determine what changes will be implemented. These factors also impact the quality of the project and the knowledge of this will aid in the decision making process. The initial planning process of a construction project will be examined. A statement of need, goals and objectives, the stakeholders and project requirements, and project scope must be outlined. All of these areas will aid in the initiation and planning phase of the project. To ensure a smooth completion a project manager must understand the constraints involved and the development of the initial plan of the project. Triple Constraints in Project Management During the project management process the triple constraints of scope, cost, and time play a key role. The project manager must work to control corporate resources within the constraints of time, cost, and scope (Kerzner, 2013, p.845). A scope of the project consists of the planning process that outlines all of the work that must be done to complete the project (South University Online, Scope section, 2016, para. 2). The scope of a project can become a constraint if an unplanned issue occurs that creates more work. For example, if an individual is replacing their window. The scope of the project only involves the labor need toShow MoreRelatedRisks in a Home Building Project1486 Words   |  6 PagesEstimating a Home Building Project Michael T Bell PMAN 637 Originality Score 6% A Review of Risks Associated With Estimating a Home Building Project Introduction In building and construction, there are risks associated with estimating a home building project. These risks in construction are all the same across the board regardless the construction. Therefore, a home building projects is confronted with the same risks as any other project in the constructionRead MoreDesign Management : An Improved Development For A Successful Project1258 Words   |  6 Pagesbeen an improved development for the need of design management in construction. Effective design management is necessary for a successful project but the clear picture of design management is not understood properly (S Austin, 2002). Design is a very key aspect of construction and with the help of a good team; good sustainable projects can be produced. The need for improvement of design in construction is very necessary. Delivering the project on time, budget and providing a value to constructionRead MoreObjectives Of A Research Project Management1697 Words   |  7 Pagesconstruct ion project management, and then suggesting ways in which such findings could help stakeholders to determine on whether BIM will be suitable and beneficial or not for their proposed projects and then take decision either to use BIM or not based on their convictions. Objectives of the research 1. To find out what BIM stands for, how it has evolved over the years and its connection with project management. 2. To find out the situations of the construction industry in management of projects withoutRead MoreBenefits Of Configuration Control Of Constructing A Building Or Assembling Product1154 Words   |  5 Pages Benefits of Configuration Control in Constructing a Building or Assembling Product Change is an unavoidable part of any project. All construction projects passed through several changes both unwanted and wanted during its lifespan. Through different phases of the project lifecycle, circumstances and situations are created that lead to variations and changes in the initial plan and scope. Admittedly, uncontrolled and unwanted changes result in loss of money and time. They also result in scope creepRead MoreProject management Essay1284 Words   |  6 PagesQualification Unit number and title Extended Diploma in Construction the Built Environment Unit 7 Project Management in Construction and the Built Environment Learner name Assessor name B HUCKLE Date issued Hand in deadline Submitted on 8th October 2014 5th November 2014 Assignment title The Construction Team and Resource Management In this assessment you will have opportunities to provide evidence against the following criteriaRead MoreHealth And Safety Report On Demolition Project1271 Words   |  6 PagesHealth and Safety Report on Demolition Project Introduction Demolition process involves the dismantling of a building structure, part of the structure, destruction or refurbishment. Demolition work is a high-risk construction work and is characterized by a broad range of highly hazardous environment (Awodele et al., 2014). The hazards associated with demolition work in construction include glass fragmentation, unprotected openings, obstructed site access and discontinuation of services such as electricityRead MoreRefurbishment Of Broron Oil And Gas Limited Three Storey Building1675 Words   |  7 PagesREFURBISHMENT OF BRORON OIL AND GAS LIMITED THREE STOREY BUILDING IN LAGOS NIGERIAN. CHAPTER 1: SCENARIO Our organisation has been awarded a contract to evaluate and appropriate procurement system in delivering a good standard office apartment for boron oil and gas limited. The scope of this project is to design and construct and appropriate office structures. Which involves different stages of work in these projects? Our task involves †¢ Planning a risk management plan †¢ Creating a risk register and a risk responseRead MoreManagement and Project1498 Words   |  6 Pages Project Human Resource Management (DAPM07T) Assignment 03 Portfolio of Evidence Table of Contents Contents 1 Introduction 3 2 Project Scope 3 2.1 Project Statement 3 3 Project Objectives. 3 4 Matrix Organisation and responsibilities 4 5 Project title and responsibilities 4 5.1 Project Team 5 5.2 Roles Of the project team 5 5.2.1 Project Manager 5 5.2.2 Project sponsor 6 5.2.3 Contractor Construction 6 5.2.4 Project engineers 6 5.2.5 Project Coordinator 6 5.2.6 ContractorRead MoreArchitecture And Construction Management : Building Information Modeling901 Words   |  4 PagesBIM (Building Information Modeling) is a 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure. According to AutoDesk, BIM is proving useful in providing continuous and immediate availability of project design scope, schedule, and cost information that is high quality, reliable, integrated, and fully co-ordinated. Graphisoft defines BIM as the useRead MoreThe Importance Of Project Management For The Business World1380 Words   |  6 Pagesbecoming a project manager, the information pertained throughout this course served as a great guide to being an effective project manager. Being effective is the best route in ensuring a successful project. It is critical that the project is managed effective from the beginn ing of the business project. While the success of a project is never guaranteed, project managers have better chances with implementing the tools discussed from this course. I will first discuss the importance of project management

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Paul A Samuelson Essay Example For Students

Paul A Samuelson Essay Samuelson has offered the world many economic theories. One area he is widely known for is his views on the spending multiplier. Samuelson has presented a way through his aggregate demand model to demonstrate how the spending multiplier affects individual types of spending. There are several components of aggregate demand. The basis for understanding this model is as follows:? An increase in prices causes a drop in household assets, thus causing consumers to spend less. ? Increases in domestic prices reduce exports, which causes an increase in spending on imports. ? The interest rate effect is when prices increase, as does the demand for money, thus increasing the interest rate. This forces a downward pressure on investment and purchases of durable goods. Therefore, investment, exports and consumption are all inversely related to pricing. In Samuelson’s model, government spending was the only constant. This means the government will always buy the same amount of goods no matter what the price. The aggregate demand schedule is therefore, the sum of consumption, investment, government purchases and exports. The chart below depicts the aggregate demand schedule. LevelConsumptionInvestmentGov. PurchasesExportsReal ExpendituresSamuelson used this model to demonstrate how changes in these components would impact real expenditures. For example, the chart below shows the results if the government increased its purchases by $200 billion. LevelConsumptionInvestmentGov. PurchasesExportsReal ExpendituresA $200 billion rise in government purchases leads to a $300 billion increase in consumption. It will also reduce exports by $100 billion. When the total changes in the components have taken place, the real expenditures will increase by $400 billion at each price level. Samuelson also used this model to demonstrate the effect changes in tax amounts could have. Taxes are not one of the components of the aggregate demand formula, but they do impact consumption and imports. If taxes increase, households have less money for domestic purchases. Following is a chart that depicts a $200 billion increase in taxes:LevelConsumptionInvestmentGov. PurchasesExportsReal ExpendituresA $200 billion increase in taxes would therefore result in a decrease in consumption and an increase in exports. The real expenditures would then be $200 billion less in each price level. This model was once the standard for forecasting these types of adjustments. It has been criticized, however, for not including any of the indirect ways in which government spending and taxes can affect the economy. The model still has relevance when examining how the government can provide stabilization to the overall economy. In his book Foundations of the Free Market System, Paul Anthony Samuelson emphasized the importance of mathematics concepts in the study of economics. Samuelson was also swept up in the Keynesian revolution. The Nobel prizewinner in economics in 1970, Samuelson considered it a priceless advantage to have received a thorough grounding in classical economics (Samuelson, PG). Samuelson, like Keynes, was a total conservative. He agreed that Keynes had two basic motivations, one of which was to destroy the labor unions and the other one was to maintain the free market. Samuelson seemingly went along with Keynes, whose whole idea was to have an impotent government that would do nothing but, through tax and spending policies, maintain the equilibrium of the free market. Keynes was known as the real father of the neoconservatism movement (Anonymous bio.html). Samuelson was opposed to the world of unregulated free market capitalism. He felt that if we were to look at the behavior of financial markets, we would find that instead of tending toward equilibrium, prices continue to fluctuate relative to the expectations of buyers and sellers. There are prolonged periods when prices are moving away from any theoretical equilibrium. Even if they eventually show a tendency to return, the equilibrium is not the same as it would have been without the intervening period. Yet the concept of equilibrium endures. It is easy to see why: without it, economics could not say how prices are determined (Soros 45). Samuelson stressed that in the absence of equilibrium, the contention that free markets lead to the optimum allocation of resources loses its justification. The supposedly scientific theory that has been used to validate it turns out to be an axiomatic structure whose conclusions are contained in its assumptions and are not necessarily supported by the empirical evidence. The resemblance to Marxism, which

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Will Computers Control Humans In The Future Essays (885 words)

Will Computers Control Humans In The Future? Will computers control humans in the future? People always tend to seek the easy way out looking for something that would make their lives easier. Machines and tools have given us the ability to do more in less time giving us, at the same time, more comfort. As the technology advances, computers become faster and more powerful. These new machines are enabling us to do more in less time making our lives easier. The increased use of computers in the future, however, might have negative results and impact on our lives. In the novel Nine Tomorrows Isaac Asimov often criticizes our reliance on computers by portraying a futuristic world where computers control humans. One of the images which Asimov describes in the book is that humans might become too dependent on computers. In one of the stories, Profession, Asimov writes about people being educated by computer programs designed to educate effortlessly a person. According to the Profession story people would no longer read books to learn and improve their knowledge. People would rely on the computers rather than try to memorize enough to match someone else who knows (Nine Tomorrows, Profession 55). People would not chose to study, they would only want to be educated by computer tapes. Putting in knowledge would take less time than reading books and memorizing something that would take almost no time using a computer in the futuristic world that Asimov describes. Humans might began to rely on computers and allow them to control themselves by letting computers educate people. Computers would start teaching humans what computers tell them without having any choice of creativity. Computers would star t to control humans' lives and make humans become too dependent on the computers. Another point that is criticized by Asimov is the fact that people might take their knowledge for granted allowing computers to take over and control their lives. In a story called The Feeling of Power, Asimov portrays how people started using computers to do even simple mathematical calculations. Over a long period of time people became so reliable on computers that they forgot the simplest multiplication and division rules. If someone wanted to calculate an answer they would simply use their pocket computer to do that (The Feeling of Power 77). People became too independent from the start making them forget what they have learned in the past. People in the story The Feeling of Power would take for granted what they have learned over centuries of learning and chose computers because of their ability to do their work faster. The lack of manual mathematics, which people chose to forget in the story, caused computers to be the ones to solve simple mathematic problems for the people tak ing control of the humans by doing the work for them (The Feeling of Power 81-82). The reliance of computers went to such an extent that even Humans began to use computers in all fields of study and work allowing computers to control their lives by taking over and doing everything for them. According to another story in the book, Asimov also describes how computers would be able to predict probabilities of an event, future. In the story All the Troubles of the World one big computer predicted crime before it even happened, allowing the police to take the person who was going to commit the crime and release him/her after the danger has passed (All The Troubles of The World 144-145). This computer, called Multivac, controlled humans by telling the authorities about who was going to commit a crime causing someone to be imprisoned until the danger has passed. It was the computer that made the decision of someone's freedom or imprisonment and that controlled others to arrest a person it suspected of committing a crime controlling his/her destiny. The decision of imprisoning someone for a crime a person did not commit was all in the hands of a computer. It was the computer that controlled humans and their destiny and controlling other humans who believed in everything that co mputer told them. Multivac could not only predict the future but it also could answer many questions that would normally embarrass people if they would have to

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Car Audio essay essays

Car Audio essay essays Transportation, usually by the form of an automobile is essential. We probably could not live without the automobile. When most people get an automobile, they feel the need to personalize it to their tastes. It could be many different things such as better wheels, interior items, stereos, and a lot of other stuff. Now in my car, I got a little carried away. I have put many different things into my car such as a sound system, alarm, tinted windows, fog lights, and much more. Now I didnt buy this at all one time. I bought all the items as soon as I paid my parents off for them and that included interest. When I first got a car, I wanted to buy a c.d. player for it. At first I just wanted a simple c.d. player that was low cost. Well after talking to my mom about it, she convinced me to get a little bit higher model then what I was going to get. The first c.d. player I got was a Sony Xplod. It was pretty nice for the cost. I used it for a year and a half and then sold it to my friend. Before I sold it, I became interested in Alpine c.d. players. I had heard one of them and the sound was so clear from it. I also liked the design of them. I then decided what model to get and bought it this past summer. Now about a year after I started driving, I wanted to buy subwoofers for my stereo. At first, I wanted a single subwoofer. Now each time I get an idea to buy something for my car, it usually changes and probably costs more. I ended up getting 2 12 JBL subwoofers and a Sony Xplod Amp. They were loud compared to the factory speakers. A few months after I had gotten those, I got an offer for the JBL subs so I sold them. I then bought 2 12 Sony Xplod subwoofers. I have had those since. Now that I had put some money into my car, I decided I should get an alarm. I looked online and found this really cheaply priced alarm that had tons of features. It has a remote pager that goes off if someone sets off youre ala ...

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Role Played by the French Revolution in France's Socialist History Term Paper

Role Played by the French Revolution in France's Socialist History - Term Paper Example Socialism falls as an economic and political approach that advocates for state-owned companies and state-restricted allocation of capital brought about as a result of democracy. The principles of socialism, in addition, takes account of demands for influential industries, utilities, banking and natural resources to be publicly owned as well as for publicly owned social services like healthcare (Jaures 2). France has had a very interesting socialist history. The French revolution has had a lot to do with the socialist history in that country. The roles played by the French revolution in France’s socialist history are the center of attention of this article. This article will discuss the roles that the French revolution played in the development of socialism, seeking to defend it over the communism theory. Background theory of socialism The term socialism dates back to 1832 from L. Pierre, an editor of the Parisian magazine, Le Globe. After that, socialism was defined with a var iety of meanings as the family of socialism bred from Western Europe to America, Russia, Australia, and Asia. It is misguidedly assumed that Russians came up with both communism and socialism and shipped them, when in reality they borrowed these principles of politics and economy from Western Europe and eventually invented their own edition of them. The many meanings of socialism developed in bits. This was from the disagreement on the ways by which a more evenhanded allocation of wealth in the public felt to be attained, a view of which no two socialist philosophies looked as if to concur. Marxist socialism projected the persuasive establishment of citizens’ autocracy. Conventional social democrats’ proposed parliamentary reorganization and trade unions. Syndic lists advertized a universal demonstration of the workers. Christian socialists advertized a severe appliance of the beliefs of the Bible as well as trade unions, or associations, as they referred to them. Addi tionally, no two socialist beliefs could concur on why scarcity existed or how it had taken place in the beginning (Doyle 4). Role played by French revolution in France’s socialist history The French Revolution stands as a whopping factor for developing the socialist theory. The French Revolution, in some way, set the arrival of the working class. It recognized the two critical circumstances for socialism: capitalism and democracy. The revolution preordained the coming of the bourgeois (socio-economic) class. The revolution also saw the development of political and economic interest groups, large-scale industries, and the working class. These increased figure and desires brought nervousness to the farmers who were angered with opposition and plagued by the industrial and commercial feudalism, and the moral unrest of the learned bourgeoisie; whose fragile sensibilities stand as a commercial and vicious society upset, all of which have slowly paved way to a new social crisis. I t paved the way to a novel and more philosophical revolution; an upheaval through which the working class will get hold of power in order to transform assets and principles. So stands the march and the interaction of social groups since 1789 that people wish to narrate. It proves always somewhat random to lay out clear limitations and divisions in the continuous and nuanced development of life. Nevertheless